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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little Egg Harbor - Defining New Jersey

The Quintipartite Deed of Revision, Between E. and W Jersey of July 1st, 1676 defined the boundary between East Jersey and West Jersey. It stated: "... from the said north partition point extending southward by a strait and direct line, drawn from the north partition southward, thro' the said tract of land, unto the most southwardly point of the east side of Little Egg Harbour aforesaid; which said most southwardly point of the east side of Little Egg Harbour is now by the consent and agreement of the said parties to these presents, called and agreed to be from henceforth called, the south partition point...". This is shown on the following map.

The first operative line was run by George Keith, the Surveyor-General of East Jersey, in 1687. Remnants of the Keith line can still be seen on today's maps in the County boundaries between Burlington and Ocean, and between Hunterdon and Somerset. Keith's line favored East Jersey by running considerably west of the line described in the Quintipartite Deed. It ran NNW from the point on Little Egg Harbor mentioned in the 1676 deed, passing just north of where Tuckerton is today, and then proceeding up toward a  point on the Delaware River just north of the Water Gap.

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