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Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy wins race for Obama - Inevitable?

The below article doesn't say that Hurricane Sandy has won the race for Barack Obama, but all of the ingredients are there. Not only is a president in a time of crisis a popular president, but with one week of campaigning left:
  • Obama can effectively say nothing about the election for several days, avoiding confrontation and potential blunder. Instead he can speak of the damage and the aftermath.
  • This is Obama's chance to be seen as an action man.
  • Romney more or less can only watch and reiterate what Obama says. To be critical - foolish. Anything else however will just echo whatever the Obama camp has already said.
  • Obama will get countless hours of in-demand and free television and press coverage. Chances of seeing Romney on television in the next 48 hours? 0.
  • The days after this hurricane will give Obama more than enough photo-ops with republicans such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and switch-hitters such as NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg.
  • Democrats will cite the much criticized response from the Bush Administration in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 
  • Just in case Obama needs another advantage, he can enjoy the fact that he is the incumbent.

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